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Buying New vs. Used in Lafeyette, LA

Buying a car

There are several pros and cons to consider for both new and used vehicles. Depending on your financial situation and your driving needs, one type of car may be better than the other. That’s why we’ve put together a list of advantages to help you decide which model is right for you. Read on to learn more about new and used cars.

Buying New

One of the major advantages to buying new is that you can get a car that’s made to order. Although it might be a little more expensive than a used car, a new vehicle can be built just the way you want it. You can get a combination of options, colors, and the ideal trim. If you are looking for something very specific, buying new might be right for you.

New cars are, well, new. That means your car hasn’t been mistreated, doesn’t have wear and tear, and it hasn’t been in any accidents. While there are accident reports available for used cars, you can rest assured your car is in prime condition when you buy new. Plus, a new car always comes with the latest gadgets and features—great for those who love music and entertainment.

Finally, new cars always have the latest safety features. Safety restrictions increase over the years, which means the newer the car, the safer it is. For example, stability control became a requirement for all cars in 2012. As the years progress, advanced systems become more common on commercial cars, giving you better safety systems.

Buying Used

The biggest reason to buy used is to save money. Not only is the sticker price considerably lower on used cars, but you also save when it comes to depreciation. All cars lose value over time; however, new vehicles lose value at a higher rate than used vehicles. By getting a used car, you avoid a big chunk of depreciation. In addition to lower sticker prices and less depreciation, used cars also tend to cost less when it comes to insurance and fees. If there is less value, it costs less to insure.

Used cars also tend to provide a wider selection. While you can obviously get a custom-built new car, for those looking for more choices without spending extra, used cars are ideal. Alternatively, shoppers can find models, packages, and designs that are no longer made when they buy used.

These are just some of the perks of buying new and used. You can weigh affordability, depreciation, wear and tear, selection, and more. Stop by Hampton Mitsubishi today to learn more about our selection of new and used cars.

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