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Financing Your First Car | Hampton Mitsubishi | Lafayette, LA

Financing Your First Car | Hampton Mitsubishi | Lafayette, LA

How To Buy Your First Car


Looking into the wild world of the auto market for the first time ever? We have some suggestions for first-time car buyers that can help make the process a little less mysterious. When you’re ready to make the plunge, contact us at Hampton Mitsubishi and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect ride.


What Do You Need?

Often for first-time buyers, needs outweigh wants. For example, if you’re a recent high school graduate looking for a vehicle to commute to college classes, you might be looking for a vehicle that’s safe, gets good fuel economy, and is comfortable above all else. While you want the latest infotainment system, it’s more important that the vehicle runs well.


Budget & Down Payment

Money is a big part of shopping for a vehicle. Determine how much you can afford to put down on a vehicle upfront, then also consider how much you’d be willing to pay monthly after financing. Check your credit score and shop around for different loans, and especially pay attention to interest rates.


Be Open To a Variety

For a first-time car buyer, casting a wide net will be your best bet, especially if you’re including used vehicles in your decision-making process. An endless supply of different makes, models, and model years are at your fingertips. Make use of online search tools to start out with a long list of potential candidates, then narrow it down according to your budget, needs, and test drives.


Test Drive Everything

Test-driving a vehicle can make a world of a difference. Drivers have been sure they loved and wanted a car all the way up until they sat in the driver’s seat and realized they hated it. Test drives can also alert drivers to any strange engine noises, problems with shifting, or any other issue related to the vehicle’s performance.


Quote Prices and/or Get a CarFax Report

For new cars, it’s easier to negotiate prices, so make sure you shop around at a variety of dealerships and use competitive pricing as leverage. Used cars are a bit more difficult to negotiate because dealers have a tendency to price them even more competitively and below market value, so make sure you check the CarFax Vehicle History Report to make sure it’s clean and hasn’t been in any accidents.


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