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Why Get Your Oil Changed At A Dealership? | Lafayette, LA

Why Get Your Oil Change At A Dealership? | Lafayette, LA
One of the most important steps in regular engine maintenance is having its oil replaced.
While there are plenty of independent oil change shops, and even the option of doing it yourself, nothing beats having your vehicle’s oil changed at a dealership. Here’s why it’s a good idea to always have your vehicle’s oil changed at the dealership instead of doing it yourself.

Best parts and equipment

At Hampton Mitsubishi, we’re equipped with the best parts and tools for the important task of changing your vehicle’s motor oil. Because we see such a high volume at our service center, it’s important that we have the best equipment possible — and that we use the best parts and motor oils available so all of our customers are satisfied.


Our trained technicians are fast as well as talented. We have years of experience performing maintenance such as routine oil changes. This translates into saved time for you, as you’ll be in and out fast when you come to Hampton Mitsubishi for your next oil change.


Another benefit of having your vehicle’s oil changed at the dealership is the fact that our technicians have the expertise to recognize mechanical problems early on in the process of an oil change. If we find an oil leak or other problem, we can address it right away before it turns into a costly repair.

Service history

When your car’s oil is changed here, we are able to keep a record of your vehicle’s service history. This helps you maintain a regular service schedule and is something future buyers love to see if you ever decide to sell your vehicle.


It’s not much more expensive to change your vehicle’s oil at our dealership compared to doing it yourself. Since we buy quality parts and oil in bulk, we pass on savings to you. And since you know that you’ll leave with your vehicle’s motor in excellent shape, it could easily save you money to service your vehicle at the dealership.
Schedule your oil change online or by phone when you contact Hampton Mitsubishi.

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